The purpose of this site is not to offer an opposing "opinion" but rather to dispel the absurdity of the "evil empire" myths being perpetuated.  These unbiased sources show Mary Kay, Inc. for what it is: a legitimate business opportunity.

You can find company information at which, even though you may think would be a biased source, is actually one of the best resources.  The company's legal department has to make SURE that all statements can be supported.  Because of it's success, the company is not going to risk making inaccurate statements (unlike "Pink Truth" and other sites who can free speech any opinion they want.) 

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To further increase value, I  have purposely included articles from unbiased sites that are not company produced. Most people recognize  that these independent sources do their own fact-checking, etc. to  strive for accuracy and will respect them more than "facts" represented  on a website created by a single individual that now sells advertising and logo merchandise. to perpetuate their "Pink Truth."