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My goal is to remain anonymous.  First of all, it is because I represent so many that it could be any one of our names on this site.  Secondly, I want the focus of my time and energy to be on my own business and my family.  I don't want to spend any additional time focusing on this (We get more of what we focus on!)  Thirdly, I have seen the defamation that happens at "Pink Truth" and the blatantly untrue statements made about people I personally know.  I can only imagine what would happen to me if I made my identity known.
You are welcome to email me any comments you have about this site. Even though your comments are welcome and will be read, please understand that I cannot currently respond without identifying my email address - so I won't be doing that.

* I received an email recently asking if I was still around and still successful.  Yep - I'm still here and loving my Mary Kay.  Here's a hint - if the website is still here, I am still here.  I pay money each month to have it up so, if I ever disappeared and stopped paying, the site would disappear as well.  I consider it a "charitable contribution" each month as I know that having this site helps many others. 
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