I am an Independent Senior Sales Director with Mary Kay Cosmetics.  I have been with the company for over 20 years and have met Mary Kay and know what her "truths" for this company are.  There is a saying: "A man with an experience is never at the mercy of a man with an argument" which is why I could never be swayed by any of the misconceptions stated at "Pink Truth".  Unfortunately, a prospective consultant has not yet had those experiences to support her in her decision which was my main motivation for creating this site.  It's ok with me if not everyone wants to join Mary Kay Cosmetics as a consultant but I don't want that decision made by misinformation!  Some people truly are better off as customers and I have a customer base of over 200 that buy from me regularly!
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I have done it all.  I have been driving a car with Mary Kay since 1997.  I've been in Pink Cadillacs and I have been out of Pink Cadillacs, I have been on Top Director trips and there have been years I haven't.

I have developed a team of over 130 consultants.  Some of them have developed into offspring Directors and some, as in all industries, decide to pursue other opportunities instead (doesn't make them a "failure" in my book or theirs and I am still great friends with most)  I have had $3,500 monthly commission checks and $11,000 monthly commission checks with my average somewhere in between.  I have been on the National Court of Personal Sales.  However, my personal sales average $2,500 a month.  Mary Kay always taught us, as Directors, to run our unit expenses through our personal product sales so that our commission checks are 100% for our family and that has pretty much been my experience.
TIP: Recruit people who are already happy individuals in most aspects of their life and are looking for something more by joining Mary Kay.  If you have a prospective recruit who speaks negatively of all of her past jobs, relationships, being "screwed over" often, etc. - there is a good chance of her carrying that perception over to her Mary Kay business.  If it is happening in multiple areas of her life, look at the common denominator. It will take a lot of personal growth for her to change her perception of events and, if she does end up quitting Mary Kay, may not perceive it as it just not being her thing.  She is most likely to end up on a site like "Pink Truth".  Keep her as a happy customer!
TIP: Pink Truth states that a Director spends 35% of her check on expenses and exaggerates her earnings..  Yikes!  Not true here but I am not so arrogant to state that I know what ALL Directors are doing (curious how they can make the statement that they can).  However, I do agree that I have seen some Directors and Consultants embellish their success and/or mismanage their money.  Ladies, it's not necessary!  We have a fabulous opportunity and make great money if we are in the field selling product and are helping others do the same.  People are genuinely impressed when you held a $600 Beauty Show in a few hours then hearing about your Director Check.  Here's the deal, character issues or bad habits don''t change because someone has a new title or suit.  A client who lives her life taking short cuts becomes a consultant who takes short cuts which turns into a Director that takes short cuts.  A client who mismanages money in her personal life becomes a consultant who mismanages money in her business (ordering product she is not selling to get a prize) who then becomes a Director who mismanages her money (spending WAY to much on unnecessary promotions and prizes).  Be authentic, embrace personal growth opportunities, and focus more on sharing your activities/sales than your resume/prizes - and you will have a lifestyle you will be proud to share!
One of my biggest drivers is to support Mary Kay's vision for this company.  Again, having an experience or showing a result is better than all the "arguments" in the world.  I did the personal Court of Sales so I would never be at the mercy of someone who tries to convince me that the product is not being sold to customers.  I built my client base to 200 (starting with 2 people willing to "help me out" when I joined) to show that a consultant can always be a Star Consultant based on reorder sales alone if she built her clientele large enough and gave them good service.  I held a 10 Show week so I wouldn't buy into the argument that people aren't or can't book or hold Shows.   The ironic thing is, I have never done the personal Court of Recruiting - even with a Cadillac and earning a Top Trip.  This blatantly contradicts "Pink Truth" which states that Directors who do these "successful" things do it by recruiting a bunch of people who get inventories and never sell them.  I did it by selling a lot of product, recruiting a modest amount of people, and showing them (by my personal activity) how to sell product and recruit a modest amount of people as well.
Directors: Consultants know if you are not "in the field" walking the talk.  You can not teach them what you do not know.  You can't lead them where you do not go.  Mary Kay always taught us that it is best to lead by example.  If you aren't making money by working the consultant aspects of your business, you will feel like a fraud, assume ALL Directors are operating the same way (with something to hide) and could very well end up with some of the same complaints as those on "Pink Truth"!  If you have a strong customer base, and are always a personal Star Consultant yourself based on sales (not orders) then you are not at the mercy of those with an argument.
As a final statement "About Me".  I have always made my decisions based on the adage that you take advice from people you would trade places with on that particular topic.  In other words, you wouldn't necessarily take financial advice from some who has declared bankruptcy, or marriage advice from someone who has been married multiple times.  It's no different.  I take advice on being a good mom from women who I admire for that trait.  I take advice on having a relationship with Christ from women who I admire as Christians. I take advice on relationships from women who have great relationships with their husbands, and I take advice on building a successful Mary Kay business from women who have successfully done it.  That doesn't mean success solely in terms of earning a car or a title - I wouldn't take advice from those who have done those things in a way that I couldn't respect or admire because I wouldn't want that in my own life.  However, in Mary Kay, we can find an abundance of women who ARE doing those things the right way, the ethical way, the way Mary Kay designed it to be.  Those are the women I take advice from.   You won't find those women on "Pink Truth" because they are not welcome there.  When they have attempted to contribute to the conversation to truly benefit those women who are struggling, they have been blocked by the site creator.