this site has developed out of the frustration of not being able to respond to a certain site that unfairly groups Mary Kay Sales Directors into an "evil group of women" who "prey on unsuspecting women" for financial gain.  These opinions are created mostly by misconceptions and/or, in some cases, a bad experience with a group of individuals who are linked to the name of Mary Kay Cosmetics because they bought a kit but do not follow the guiding principles with which this company stands for. 

As far as the misconceptions, many consultants and Directors have attempted to become a part of the discussion on that site in order to have an honest dialogue.
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However, the creator of the site states that "Pink Truth has been created to give a voice to the millions of women who have had negative experiences with Mary Kay." Since any of us who would like to contradict her are not welcome on the site it is, as Tracy the creator of the site admits, an unbalanced view.  She states "Comments that are openly hostile to our mission or our friends will not be allowed. . . .This site is intended to expose the darker side of Mary Kay . . . Those wishing to extol the virtues of these types of companies should not participate on Pink Truth."  I spoke with Tracy via email regarding some of the points she has made on her website and the inaccuracies.  She said that she was glad to hear there were some honest and ethical Directors out there but that has not been her experience.  This leads me to my next point.

As far as the experiences, I haven't personally been exposed to unethical Directors but I am not as naive to say that that doesn't mean they don't exist because I have heard stories.  As with any story, there is one person's version, another person's version - and the "truth" lying somewhere in the middle.   However, I want you to imagine a scenario with me.  Let's say an individual has a bad experience with your pick of the following (a police officer, a Christian, a public school, a lawyer, an Asian, a postal worker, a PTA mom, etc.) and creates a website that is ONLY for others who have had bad experiences with a (                 ) or those who want to discuss it. ("Pink Truth" admits that many of their "members" have not had personal involvement with Mary Kay Cosmetics but have an "opinion" - only negative ones are welcome)  Can you even imagine what a scary place that would be! Now does that mean that the individual didn't have a bad experience with a (                     ).  Not necessarily.  Which is why, in many of my responses, I also address some activities that Mary Kay Consultants and Directors may be engaging in that are helping to perpetuate these misconceptions! 
You will find these addresses directly to sales force members throughout the site in red like this.
You will find annoying or dishonest individuals in ANY industry or group and Mary Kay is not immune.  However, to characterize an entire group as having negative intentions based on those individuals - when the majority are just average, hard-working, caring people - is something that I would hope most people would recognize as just as wrong as whatever the original offense was!